The Carpenter Center will open a Bookshop

On February 26, 2016 the Carpenter Center will open a bookshop located on Level 3, immediately outside the Sert Gallery and overlooking the terrace on Quincy Street. The bookshop is collaboration with Motto Books (based in Berlin) and part of a program called Consumer Research Center/. CRC/ is a new initiative that will undertake a practice and critical reflection on modes of consumer practices as points of sociability, while reflecting on the hybridization of economic and cultural activities where "bookshop/screening, bookshop/coffee bar/design studio are increasingly commonplace.

CRC/bookshop will provide students and visitors access to 500-plus titles of books about and by artists, critics, filmmakers, cultural institutions, and writers from around the world. Most of the titles will not be available anywhere in Boston or, perhaps, even on the East Coast. CRC/bookshop is a means to introduce ideas, artists and institutions to our visitors and students in a concentrated site. The bookshop will also demonstrate the rich creative and intellectual activities taking place in the form of printed matter and become a site for a series of ongoing programs.

We have started to design and build the components for the bookshop and following are a few photos that document these plans. 

Display table in progress.

Cardboard mock-up of display table on Level 3. 

Layout of bookshop furniture placement. 

Drawing of bookshop display table.