Ralph Lemon

  • Geography of the Two: Okwui Okpokwasili and Ralph Lemon perform in "How Can You Stay In The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere?" at the BAM Harvey Theater on October 12, 2010, part of the Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Festival. The dancers: Djedje Djedje Gervais, Darrell Jones, Ralph Lemon, Gesel Mason, Okwui Okpokwasili, Omagbitse Omagbemi, David Thomson Credit: Stephanie Berger


Apr 6 – 7, 2018

Ralph Lemon, the 2018 Josep Lluis Sert Practitioner in the Arts, will lead workshops with students on Apr 6 and 7. Lemon will also present a talk at the Carpenter Center on Fri, Apr 6, 6 pm. 

Students who are interested in the workshop (description below) can complete this form by March 28. Please email ccva@fas.harvard.edu with questions.

Workshop Schedule 
Friday, April 6, 10 am–1 pm 
Friday, April 6, 6–8 pm (Public Talk) 
Saturday, April 7, 10 am–1 pm

Lemon will lead a workshop exploring the physical, aesthetic and performative relationship of the body to a student's cultural cosmology; creative gestures, marks possessing a cultural whole. An impossible good labor. A primary question holding this workshop together will be, where is efficiency and urgency in an unwieldy physical experimentation, a planned unknown? 

This workshop will also look at certain (so-called) traditional aspects to successful forms (a performance, a dance, a film-video, a piece of writing, a painting, sculpture…) and then attempt to break it down and reframe this tradition with a discipline (rigor) that evokes accidents and the inexplicable. A workshop that examines how the creative process is thought about, considered and looked upon, watched, inside and out. A fresh outlook, (shared) labor and or proposition on how to construct/deconstruct the right/wrong/right(wrong) art work.

Josep Lluis Sert Practitioner in the Arts

The Josep Lluis Sert Practitioner is an annual invitation to a distinguished artist to spend several days in residence at the Carpenter Center, engaged with students and other members of the academic community in a variety of possible activities. Founded in 1986 the program is supported by a generous gift of the late Robert Gardner, former director of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, director of the Film Study Center, and chair of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. The residency includes both close engagement with a small group of students (acting in a collaborative way) and also some occasion open to a larger invited group of faculty, students, and the general public. This larger occasion includes a lecture-demonstration, talk, or rehearsal-performance, depending on both the art and practices involved, and the wishes of the Practitioner.