Michael Wang: Differentiation Series


Sep 13 – Oct 7, 2012
Level 1

Working with a cellular biologist at Harvard, Michael Wang has created micrograph images of artificially produced stem cells. These images have been hand-tinted according to a system that matches a unique color to every cell type that can be potentially produced from these undifferentiated cells. At 6 pm on Thursday, September 13, the biologist and an art historian from the university will offer distinct interpretations of the images.

Michael Wang

Michael Wang was born in Olney, MD and lives and works in New York City. He holds a Masters in Architecture from Princeton University, an MA from NYU, and a BA from Harvard ('03 joint concentration in VES and Anthropology). Wang has worked as an artworld events reporter, taught with the architect Peter Eisenman at Yale, and consulted for some of the world’s largest corporations. His works include speculative proposals for the World Economic Forum conference hall in Davos, Switzerland; “Invasives”, the controlled release of invasive species; and "Carbon Copies," an exhibition linking the production of artworks to the release of greenhouse gases. Selected exhibitions include: Foxy Production, New York (2012), Primetime Gallery, Brooklyn (2010); Asia Song Society, New York (2008); and Rivington Arms, New York (2007). His critical writings have appeared in Artforum, Cabinet, the Architect's Newspaper, and Modern Painters.