Institution (Building)

  • Renée Green. Secret (Black and White Photographs), 1993. Photograph, 6.5 x 9.5 in. Courtesy of artist and Free Agent Media.

Institution (Building) is a biennial invitation to artists to consider the institutional behaviors and practices of the Carpenter Center and Harvard University. In repeated visits over the course of two years to the university, artists engage through an expanded form of exhibition with various facets related to the archive, architecture and history of the Carpenter Center. Their work manifests in anything from exhibitions, events, and installations to interventions, tours, and publications, taking shape and changing during the residency.

Institution (Building) seeks to critically and thoughtfully recover the history of this institution and situate it within broader contexts of contemporary art, culture and the extraordinary legacy of the Le Corbusier building.


Residency + Exhibition
Renée Green: Pacing

Oct 2016–Apr 2018


Residency + Exhibition
Martin Beck: Program

2014–Oct 2016