Art, Film, and Visual Studies 2024 Senior Thesis Exhibition: Opening Reception

  • Allure Akaeze, still from PAST UNDERGROUND, 2023-24. Video, 12 min.  


Apr 26 – May 23, 2024
Level 1 and 3

Art, Film, and Visual Studies 2024 Senior Thesis Exhibition: Opening Reception

Allure, Isabel Haro, Marieta Rojas Agüeros, Marleigh Belsley, Mika Simoncelli, Meiqin Peng, and Rivers Sheehan

For many Art, Film, and Visual Studies students, the senior thesis is the capstone experience in the department. Students conceive their theses in conjunction with the department and work closely with faculty members as principal advisers. Throughout the yearlong process, students develop and refine their ideas into a thesis work, concluding with its presentation in this annual exhibition. 

The Department of Art, Film, and Visual Studies is home to a range of studio and theoretical studies in the arts at Harvard University. It offers courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, film, video, and animation, as well as photography, film history, the built environment, and contemporary art. The academic experience transpires in the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, where thinking and making intersect to enable students from a variety of disciplinary studies to be aware of their visual environment. The 2024 Thesis exhibition is available alongside Open Studios, a showcase of student work produced in spring courses. 

Generous support for Carpenter Center programing is provided by the Friends of the Carpenter Center.